A Little Bit About Paul…
Hi, my name is Paul Tanner and I live in Wimbledon, south-west London, with my lovely wife and kids.
I've photographed close to 200 weddings and I specialise in candid documentary photography to create a beautiful record of your wedding day, no matter what size celebration you’re planning. 
If you have any questions about your wedding day don't hesitate to get in touch, I've seen a thing or two.
I’ve been a professional photographer since 1999, but my photographic endeavours started at any early age when my Dad introduced me to what he called his Dark Room, a room I had mistakenly been calling the bathroom.
I’ve been hooked ever since, and from these early days of dark room magic now have my own photography business doing what I love.
To get here my route has taken me through art school; market trading in Spitalfields Market selling my own art and photography with afore mentioned Dad (not easy, turns out people are less interested in art and more amazed by handmade soap – that's a licence to print money believe me), and an apprenticeship in south London with a south African press photographer who taught me how to load and develop colour film in his Dark Room (In this case the cupboard under the stairs - sounds sinister, but he was a lovely chap) and how to shoot 6 jobs on a roll of 36 exposures. Invaluable.
I now have years of experience building up my own photography business, feel free to call anytime, I’m sure I can help.
All the best
07946 548 559
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